Physical Education is Good for All Students


Molly Barnes, Staff Writer

Most students dislike having “gym class” because of having to run, workout, and play sports for more than 30 minutes although they will thank themselves in 10 years for participating in the activities. 

According to Regis College,Physical fitness can be a key component of a healthy lifestyle. This is why Physical Education (P.E.) is a key subject in all the leading universities in the world…Regular physical activity can help to improve the absorption of nutrients in the body. It also helps to improve cardiovascular health and develop muscular strength.” It is an unspoken rule that health is a big thing for everyone, no matter if their health is good or bad, people’s health is a big issue that should be spoken about more often than it is already. With students having P.E. as a required class they now have a better chance of having better health in the long run. 

Running is a simple but good workout for everyone to do, “running helps build strong bones, as it is a weight-bearing exercise. Running helps strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, burn plenty of kilojoules and it helps maintain a healthy weight.” as mentioned in an article by the Better Health Channel. It’s proven that a simple run around a track can not only increase your ability to run better but also better your health. 

Playing sports within a class such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, and baseball or softball as an assignment gives athletes a chance to show their skills. It also gives other students a chance to see if they might like the sport and want to play. It offers them a chance to experience sports they may have never played before. Overall, it is not just giving students new experiences, it is also giving them a good workout that benefits them in cardiovascular health, strength training, and mental health. 

In conclusion, having P.E. as a class is not to bore students or to torture them with workouts. It is ultimately to teach them healthy lifestyles and benefit them for years to come. Having Physical Education as a required class is definitely a good thing for students.