All “Eyes” Aside…


That feeling.

Being the cool kid.
The most popular kid in school.
The man.

You know…the kid everyone knows; students, teachers, and the staff.

It feels good.

There’s always someone to talk to.
Always someone to hang out with.
Having fun all the time.
Never a dull moment.

I don’t see that kid.

The one over there…ya know, by himself.
That one that’s always alone.
The one that’s ignored.
The quiet one.
The ones the teachers overlook.
He’s invisible in the halls.
Ya know, the kid in the back of the classroom.
The one that asks for help but goes unheard.
The isolated one.


I am that kid.
The one in a huge mansion with tons of rooms but no one to share them with.
The one walking through empty halls full of kids.
Empty because I’m alone.
Full because they’re all there.
They just don’t see me.
The lonely one.