Lunchtime Crunchtime!


Watching the clock.
Five more minutes…
Four more minutes…
Three more minutes…

Charging down the hall.
Shoving and pushing down the stairs.
The loud chatter of hungry students.

Then reality smacks you in the face about as hard as the cafeteria door. Nothing has changed. The lunch lines are just as long as they were the day before and the day before that and…you get the point. Friends gather in line making the wait seem longer than it really is.

But who’s counting?

Wait…we are. That’s right. With a whopping 25 minutes to get there, get in line, pick your food, find a seat, and eat, every second counts. The faster lines are usually the ones where people have to pay for their food which leaves most of us waiting.

And then it happens. You finally make it to the front of the line, grab your food, and head off to find a table…


And the bell rings. Figures.

What a waste. A waste of time. A waste of food. For some, a waste of money.