A Teacher’s Double Life


Teachers play a very important role in our schools. Students expect their teachers to be all nice, kind, and respectful constantly; well that might be true but students don’t know how teachers are outside of school. Some teachers show their true selves in school but not all teachers. Some teachers might love blasting rap music in their vehicles going 99 miles per hour down the highway. Select teachers might decide to hang out with each other after school and talk about the trouble makers in their class. Some students don’t know what teachers go through after school. Select teachers might have a lot of stress due to classwork needing to be graded or could even be suffering from depression. Some teachers might be living their dream at home and relaxing after a long day of school saying “I’m not going to be wasting time grading my student’s assignments at home. I need to relax.”  

Students should respect teachers by paying attention when the teacher is teaching about a lesson, and by following all instructions given by teachers. Students need to do their best on every assignment and actually care about their GPA. 

 Students should be thankful for their ability to come to school and get an education. A lot of kids aren’t even able to get an education. Students should follow ALL school rules! Always remember working together is key!