The Bathroom Rumble


Here at Statesville High School, going to the bathroom can mean many things. It could be that a student is just going to use the bathroom and come straight back to the classroom in a timely manner. That’s not the case here at our school. When a student asks to go to the bathroom, more students ask to go like there are free tickets to a Beyonce concert. The teacher puts their names on the board in “formation.” “Get it?” When some students go to the bathroom they do the right thing. They go use the bathroom, wash their hands, “Hopefully” and come straight back to class. Some of them go and take a long time in the bathroom while the people in the classroom wait, acting like there is a free playstation 5 in the bathroom awaiting them. Others go to the bathroom but think they can go to other places. These “other places” are to go to another classroom, lunchroom, or they stand around in the hallway waiting for their friends to walk by so they can have their daily neck slapping competition. 


Besides what the people do when they go to the bathroom. Let me tell you about the bathrooms themselves. When you finally get to go to the bathroom after a long wait imagen seeing ripped bits of paper towels on the moist slippery floor, urinals very close together without a barrier like their best friends, terrible drawings of inappropriate stuff on it with mean words and more stuff written on the stalls, and I won’t get into detail of the toilet seats. “You’re welcome.”