Joining Journalism


What is journalism?

In our class we are assigned our own job based on our skills. Some of our jobs are with art,  entertainment, business, sales management, photography, and many more.


Each job helps us to support our school and to spread the word of events that reside within and outside our school.


Why should you join?

We are surrounded by amazing people who are very friendly, respectful, positive, and are willing to work with anyone. Not just that, you get to choose the job you want! It’s like having a job that you would want to do. You can also continue to do this when you graduate from school as your dream job.


Benefits of joining journalism

People would think that journalism is a useless or free class; but actually it could help out later in life. Journalism is actually a very useful class, with it bringing skill that would help out in the work environment and on your resume. The class brings along skills such as being able to work with others in the work environment, being able to sell advertisements, along with the ability to communicate well with others, it brings much more very useful skills.