Why Aren’t Students Being Prioritized?


The seniors that attend Statesville High School this year do not have any senior privileges, which isn’t fair. In the past, 12th-graders were allowed to leave 5 minutes before class change and 5 minutes before lunch officially started for everyone. They were also allowed to leave campus during lunch, as long as they came back on time for their next class if they had any. 


Why aren’t we being prioritized like the alumni were in their final year of high school? There could be a number of possibilities. The problem could be stationed within our school wide test scores. Arguably, I would say that it still isn’t reasonable because there aren’t only seniors in this school. Another possibility could be that the administrators just don’t feel that we deserve any privileges.  Lastly, some students in the past could have ruined our chance of having senior privileges by abusing them during their time. If that is the case, that still would not be one bit fair because not every class of seniors will act the same.


I also say having zero0 senior privileges is unjust because almost all seniors have an after school job. Leaving school at the end of the day is a hassle because of school traffic. If we had our privilege to leave 5 minutes.