Don’t Blow Smoke


Vapes have become a main and dangerous part of many students here at Statesville High School. With many flavors and easy access from other students and friends, it has become very easy to get one and even easier to become addicted to them. As of February 2020 there have been 68 deaths and 2,807 have been hospitalized and since then they have only grown in numbers.Students have been sneaking them in various locations and they are very easy to sneak in with them being small ,silent and very easily hideable. Students are too young to be having the side effects and dangers such as lung disease, trouble with breathing, and many more. Vaping can affect your learning and concentration skills. Vapes have ruined many students lives and there should be more done to prevent the exposure of vapes to students as much as possible.There is always going to be a way for students to get a hold of one. With many kids starting jobs and getting their own funds and money they can easily go out buy a vape from a classmate, friend, or co-worker and therefore continue their addiction and continue buying vapes creating a hole in their wallet.There is also peer pressure from other students and social media saying that it is not that bad or using it as a aesthetic for many pictures and videos.Many stores that sell them don’t even put restrictions on buying them strictly for the fact that students are considered customers and they don’t want to ruin business. Even though they are safer than smoking cigarettes they still have many dangers and are not safe no matter how old you are.