Whats Wrong With My Outfit?


There has been a problem at school lately; it involves the amount of dress codes that have been given in a matter of weeks. A lot of people have gotten dress coded for following the rules, and with that it brings up the question. What’s the point of having dress code? That is what a lot of students have been saying when a few select teachers have called them out. The rest of their teachers have no problem with their outfits. Some of the rules are just pointless and unfair. For example, “No shoulders should be showing.”, It shows how far and outdated dress code is when it comes to newer generations, though. It also comes back to body size. While bigger girls can’t wear shorts or crop tops without getting scolded by teachers. Although if a thinner girl wore the same outfit she would just get a warning. It is very embarrassing when you get called out , and with a lot of students just finding confidence in what they wear that can really set them back. Yes, there should be rules set but make them fair and consider how people will feel. We should be able to express ourself comfortably in high school and feel good in our bodies, while it’s also fair for all bodies no matter the shape or the size.