The Lights are Still Bright in the Hollow


Fans and players from Enka High, just outside of Asheville, made the nearly two-hour trip east for a taste of the Greyhounds in the first round of the playoffs. Even with a chill in the air, Greyhound fans filled the hollow Friday night, ready to watch the blue and gray take another team down. They were not disappointed. The Greyhounds dominated Enka with a final score of 49-0, sending them right back up the mountain.

As they face round two of the playoffs, with the home team advantage, the Greyhounds hope to tally another win this coming Friday as they face off with East Lincoln. With an undeniably awesome conference season, walking away as conference champions, Statesville has the ability to crush East Lincoln in round two of the playoffs. Come on out to the hollow to support your hometown team! Dress warmly in your favorite blue and gray! See you under the lights!

Early bird tickets are available now through Wednesday at 1 p.m. Stop by the SHS main office to purchase your tickets! Once a Greyhound, always a Greyhound!